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              This site has a lot to do with me and my life's work of exploring friendship and how it impacts us physically, mentally, and spiritually. BUT I don't want to hog the conversation! So, please...PLEASE... send me an email about you and what you are discovering about friendship. I mean it. Seriously.

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I write to encourage YOU. I mostly talk about friendship because it's like a big thing for me (see Friending Podcast). I also write about my faith. When I am not writing about friendship or faith, I working on a novel (but don't tell anyone). You can find most of my written words on the blog or on the Gram.



I speak about the things I write about: friendship and faith.

I have spoken at universities, women's event, retreats, and pretty much anywhere they'll give me a mic.

I also am the host of Friending Podcast



        I am an Everyday Encourager. I love to seem women thrive in their friendships because I want to see women thrive in accomplishing their dreams.