"My friends have made the story of my life. In a thousand ways they have turned my limitations into beautiful privileges.”

- Helen Keller 




1 in 4 Americans report that they do not feel they have one person they could confide in. In a culture where we have 24 hour access to one another through technology, we have never felt more disconnected as a nation. It is increasingly becoming difficult to find deep, real friendship with others that goes beyond  clicking  "like" on a post.

 we are designed to be connected.

Humans are designed to perceive their lives within context of relationship. Scientists have discovered that two day old infants are are already experiencingsocial cognition!  Basically, since birth, we are thinking about people! Relationships help us understand who we are and what we are meant to do. This is why healthy friendship is vital in living out what we are made to do.


the good news is that we can help each other.

     When we understand what healthy friendship looks like and begin to intentionally practice those habits, we are able to help propel each other towards living our best lives.

    The Beatles were right. We DO get by with a little help from our friends.

You are not the only one.


Are you feeling lonely, isolated, and disconnected from other women? You are not alone. Whether you have moved to a new location or have found yourself in a new season of life, loneliness has away of underwriting doubt into the narrative of our lives. It begins to question our purpose, value, and our ability to belong. 



After discovering there was a good chance I was the "World's Worst Friend" (for a variety of embarrassing reasons), I went on a quest to discover the good, bad and ugly that Friendship entails.

 I rallied a group of very wise folk who would speak frankly on the subject and had them pinky swear they would share their insight, stories and bleeding hearts on a podcast show. A few brave souls agreed to this endeavor. Hence, "Friending" was born.  

          Every episode is a collaboration of essays, stories, and conversations from voices who have something to say about Friendship.  Despite gender, age, social class, religion and race, one thing is true: We all need someone who will choose to like us and link their life up with ours. We all need friends. We hope you will be our friend too.