This is Me.
I write, speak, and podcast (ahem, Friending Podcast...check it out!). 

This is My Husband.
 We fell in love when we were 18 years old and we got married when we were 20. Just babies! It hasn't been a perfect journey but each day, we work hard at loving each other more. Also, it helps that he is hot. 


These are our kids.
Our children are wild, loud and a lot of fun. If you are looking to spend time with children who would prefer to find a quiet corner to read, our kids will ruin your day. However, if you want to laugh while also getting in your daily cardiovascular exercise, our kids are your cup of tea.


Random Facts

Somewhere in my 30's and despite of my name, I was not born around Christmas.

New Jersey (or what I affectionately call, 'Jerz').

Drink of Choice
Constant Comment Tea. Decaf. 

 I Want to Brunch With
Lesley Knope.

I'm Not Good When
My kids vomit. I gag. Always. 

I Make My Friends
Order for me when we are at a restaurant. I don't like having to narrow down my food choices. Too much pressure.

I Hang Out On

I Struggle With
Feeling like I am the lamest person in the room + third grade math.

I Cry Every Time
I watch, 'This is Us'. It's the perfect show to watching if you like to feel your feelings.


My Secret Superpower Is
Making fairly accurate predictions of the Oscar Winners.

When I Was 11
I wanted to be a professional mime.

I Most Embarrassed When
I remember that I wanted to be a professional mime.

   It was a cold day in February, when my husband found me crying under my duvet.


  "What happened? Who died?" he asked with concern.

   My two children stood behind him. They looked as though they were concerned spectators wondering if their mother had finally lost her mind.

Between sobs and sniffling, I declared,


                          "I have no friends."


    My husband tried to console me. "Well, I'm your friend, " he offered.

     It was at that moment, I threw my face into my pillow and sobbed even louder. My husband grabbed the hands of my two children and backed out of the room slowly.

         "I'll just take the kids to the park and give you some time to yourself," he whispered. 


     Regardless of whether or not I was truly "friendless", I felt alone. I felt disconnected from other women. I longed for friendship that was meaningful. I ached for conversation that  went beyond the surface chit-chat of "How are you?" and "I'm fine." I lacked a confidante in whom I could entrust my dreams, worries, and struggles. The secret was that I had a fire in my belly and a fierce desire to make a difference in the world, but I felt too lonely to catch the momentum needed to chase after my dream.

                  "Is it just me? Am I'm crazy? Am I the only one that feels this way?"


             It was during this season of loneliness that I began to research friendship and study the theological implications of what it means to do "life together". I learned that friendship was God-designed to empower one another and to become each other's greatest ally in journeying through life.

           Women can empower women through art of friendship. My heart is to see women rise above comparison and competition. My passion is to encourage women to commit to care for each other with honesty, celebration, and love. My dream is that women who love Jesus would become the loudest voice of hope for all women in the world.  

    Jesus said these words, 


"By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35)


       So, join me.

                     Hand in hand. 

                           Heart to heart.

          Let's fuel each other's purpose and impact the world through the


                                                art of friendship.





You are not the only lonely mom.

Why mothers feel lonely and how they can find their village.


  • 1 Session
  • Workshop or Main Session
  • 30-45 minutes

Finding True Friendship in a Selfie World.

     Technology has given 24 hour access into each other's lives and yet, we have never felt more disconnected in friendship. How can we make true connections with one another in the midst of self-obsessed, perfection driven culture? And why does it matter that we do?


  • 1 Session
  • Workshop or Main Session
  • 45-50 minutes

WITH EACH OTHER: What it means to truly walk together.

 This is a 3 part series about walking in community through growth, grief, and gratitude. Series is suitable for retreats and conferences.



  • 3 Sessions
  • Main Session
  • 45-50 minutes

How to Become a Woman That Empowers Other Women.

How to become a woman that champions the other women in your life. 



  • 1 Session
  • Workshop
  • 45-50 minutes


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