Here we are. The “ABOUT” page …where I have to try to make all the things about me …fit into a tidy depiction of who I am. Ugh. So. Hard. To. Do.

I don’t fit into one box. I don’t like the box. It’s stuffy and dark in there. But since you are here, this is what I will tell you:

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I Believe

In the wild love of Jesus, that stories help other find hope when it’s hard to come by, friendship is vital to our thriving, and no should ever cut their own bangs… ever.


A husband and children and friends who keep me in line. I talk about my people on my podcast. More than they like.

I write…

Stories, sermons, articles, and the occasional haiku.


On podcasts and in public.


Along with my husband at our tiny neighborhood church. I also serve on the board of Her Life Speaks, a ministry for women based in New Jersey.

I struggle…

With googling my symptoms, staying in touch with old friends, worrying about what people think, hoarding other people’s Tupperware while simultaneously resenting them for leaving it behind and so much more.


Eating good food with people I love, lighting a yummy scented candle on a crisp Fall day, collecting snarky coffee mugs , all things “Christmas”, and telling stories about Good-looking Hillbilly Troy and our hilariously wild children.

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  • I was born in the early 80’s. You do the math.

  • I am from New Jersey and have lived here most of my life. Long live the Bagel!

  • I was raised in the church. I got saved every summer at Christian Summer Camp from age 8-18.

  • When I was 13, I had a dream to be a professional mime. I am glad that some dreams die.

  • I still have an affinity for the stage and cry at every theatrical performance I attend - whether it’s my kid’s fourth grade play or Wicked on Broadway.

  • My husband and I met while in bible college and we were married at the ripe old age of 20. I affectionately call him “Good Looking Hillbilly Troy”.

  • I am a terrible baker. If I have baked it… and it’s not from a box…precede with caution.