BE A PARTY ANIMAL: The Secret to Being an Awesome Friend


Today is my birthday and I am NOT pretending to be all humble about it. Hello, people,  I made it to 34 years of age! When I was 13 years old, I thought anyone over 30 years of age qualified for the "Senior" discount at the movies. So, today... I feel old... alive.. and a little bummed I still have to pay full price at the movie theaters. But whatevs. I'm still here, kickin' it.

    One of my favorite things about being a friend is how it is my role to celebrate my people. Being a "party animal" is apart of the job description of friendship, folks. Friendship is the space of which we can be validated and reminded of our importance to the people we share life with. Whether it be done through brunch, mimosas, karaoke, spa pedicures, or dinner with the besties.... it MUST be done. When we forget to celebrate our friends, we communicate disinterest in their pursuits and purpose to our lives.

I can think of 10 reasons, off the top of my head, why you would CELEBRATE a friend:

  1. She lived another year. (Birthdays are a great excuse for getting dressed up, going out, and spending too much money on grilled chicken. Who cares if the restaurant is overrated? Adult conversation trumps all!)
  2. She sent her first child to kindergarten and didn't need to take a valium to get through it. (She just sent her baby out to the wolves, people! This is a big deal to her mama's heart. Celebrate with chocolate. Lots of chocolate.)
  3. She graduated her last child from high school and no one died in the process of surviving the 'school years'. (I am telling your right now, the day after my last child  graduates from high school, I WILL be on a plane to Aruba with my besties. If you know my children, you will know the miracle it will be that I have survived.)
  4. She started grad school. (She is about to spend A LOT of money, time, and brain space to better herself! The least we can do is acknowledge it with brunch.)
  5. She finished grad school.  (Grad school is no joke. When your friend is finished, she'll feel like she has just survived the Hunger Games. Be sure to pay homage to her sacrifice.)
  6. She received a job promotion or started a new job venture. (Hard work is a rare commodity. It's also rarely recognized when it does exist. Our friends should be given gold crowns and red sashes when their hard work is finally acknowledged. Be that friend who throws the parade for her.)
  7. She conquered one of her fears. (One of my friends recently had her first bikini wax done. This was on the top ten list of fears she held [it's on my list too]. We are all so proud of her bravery, we are thinking of calling in a caterer.)
  8. She pursued one of her dreams. (Whether big or little, make a fuss.)
  9. She had the courage to break up with the jerk she had been dating (No lie. I once threw a friend a legit "So Glad You Broke Up With that Jerk" party. She met the love of her life that following week. Just saying.)
  10. She just needs to be reminded, she matters. (Life's hard. Need I say more?)

Celebrating a friend does NOT need to break the bank, but you will have to spend your TIME on her. I personally give "celebration" the permission to trump my busy schedule when it comes to my circle of friends. I believe being a "party animal" in my friend's fan club is the secret ingredient to strong friendship. Without it, the relationship grows limp.

So, go on! Be a party animal! There is no better way to empower a friend than to be ready to celebrate her existence and achievements!  Everyone needs that kind of entourage. 

Your friend and birthday girl,