Who are you voting for?

     This question is a hot button between friends. The pressure from both sides is heavy. With social media serving as a platform for Americans to exercise their right to free speech, one can feel the stress of simply catching up on their Facebook newsfeed. I, for one, have to take an antacid every time I stumble upon a Facebook political fight between two friends.  

      There was one time where I read a friend comment another mutual friend's post, "YOU are what is wrong with America!" I shuddered.

   Really? I scratched my head and thought back of all the times these two friends have shared together - weddings... births of each other's children.. funerals of each other's family members... birthdays... job promotions... miscarriages.. marital issues... moving into new homes... etc.

    The other friend responded to the comment with equal eloquence, "No, YOU are what is wrong with America!" This back and forth political cat fight continued for 18 more comments. I could feel the ulcer growing inside the pit of my stomach. 

    This election has boldened the line that divides Americans on very crucial issues. This is not trite nor irrelevant to our future and I would never want to come across as if I were saying, "What's the big deal?". It's a big freakin' deal. So, please, let's vote for our candidate with gusto but also with the same passionate resolve that:



  •     Neither Trump nor Clinton will be available to give you a lift to work when your car breaks down.
  •     When you found out your mom has breast cancer and you need someone to watch you kids so you can privately fall apart in your bedroom, these two candidates will not be the people you will call.
  •   When your boss promotes you and  you want to  celebrate your hard work recognized, it won't be Hillary or Donald toasting your success.

    It will be your friends who show up.

  It's our friends who make America a great place to live - the way we care for each other and link our lives to one another - regardless of what we believe or how we vote... this is the beauty of our nation. This is America. We have the right to disagree and to vocalize our beliefs and yet we can live together and love each other despite the differences.

   Name calling, posting angry memes, or unfriending folks from FB  is not what friends do.  Declaring others faithless or unpatriotic because of their choice of candidate is counterproductive to the mission of love.  Is it possible that no matter who comes in office, we can shape our nation's future by our relentless devotion to each other? I just wonder.

    Don't forget who you are friends are this election. Don't cut them out or cut them down because they are Hillary supporters or Trump fans. Let your voice be loud and your love be louder. On Wednesday, you just may need them... or they may need you....

Choose to make your arms ready and opened wide.

Your friend,