The definition for the word, MOXIE, is: 


1. vigor; verve; pep. 

2. courage and aggressiveness; nerve. 

3. skill; know-how. 


     Moxie friends are the energetic souls in our life who always seem to have plenty of nerve in supply when it comes to challenges and opportunities they face. These are the people who never ask themselves, "Do I have the ability to do this?" They just do it. Almost always, they are met with success in whatever they dive into and we are always left scratching our heads saying, "If they could do it...could I?" 


    Our moxie friends are the living proof that some risks are worth taking.


    The audacious spirits of our moxie friends is contagious. Watching them achieve their  dreams or wade through their challenges gives us reason to pause and consider our own possibilities. When we are around these kinds of friends we begin to wonder that perhaps our own dreams are not as unrealistic as we had once believed.


      We begin to muster up our own portion of moxie.


      Moxie friends are incredible encouragers. They truly believe that "anything is possible" and generally have a positive outlook on life. When you are going through something difficult, they are the ones that come along your side and cheer, "You can this! I believe in you! Don't give up!" These friends help stir courage inside of us when we feel afraid or alone. They are natural speakers of hope.

       Moxie friends want to cheer on our dreams. Over a casual cup of coffee, a moxie friend will ask:

   "So, what about that book you said you wanted to write? You should do it! Get it published!"

    When you tell them that you work a full time job or that the publishing industry is difficult to break into, your moxie friend will hush you with, "You've got to least try! What's the worst that can happen?"


   Moxie friends don't let us give up or give in.

   They are not easily manipulated by our self-pity and they are rarely are influenced by our self-doubt. Their super power is bravery and as they exercise it within their own lives, they instinctively share this strength with us. This is why need them.


    So, who is the moxie friend in your life?

Tell them. Tell them that their moxie makes you a braver person in this world. Tell them that you appreciate the positive outlook they bring and the hope-filled words that speak. Even a moxie friend needs to have someone to encourage them too

   Your friend,





     Noelle is a  speaker, podcaster, and self proclaimed: Friendtor(Friend +Mentor = Friendtor).  She is the podcast producer/host for Friending Podcast and is a regular co-host for the podcast, Slices of Life. She lives in North Jersey with her hot husband and two wild children. She is a big fan of Constant Comment Tea, the Oscars, and Lesley Knope.

      Noelle is passionate about helping women find grow in their calling and encourage one another to do the same through the art of friendship.   For more random facts on Noelle you can click here or stalk her on Instagram.