THE MAGICAL POWER OF UGLY CRYING: Why Good Friends Let You Lose Your Crap

Ever felt like life has gone absolutely mental and everything (and everyone ) is so overwhelming, you are going to lose your crap at any moment?

Yup, me too. This is why I am a BIG fan of the "ugly cry".

It is the ultimate melt down where you can expect  tears flowing, snot dripping, hair frizzing, nose snorting and even some  drooling (yes, sometimes I drool when I ugly cry).  Somehow I always feel better afterwards... no matter how "ugly" I looked doing it.

Here are some of the reasons that I have ugly cried ...

  • A family member died.
  • The bridesmaid's dress I was suppose to wear for my brother's wedding wouldn't zip.
  • I had to send my first born to their first day of school. I wept so loud, the other mothers began to stare.
  • I fell down a flight of stairs and hit my elbow. It hurt really bad. (This was last week, by the way)
  • I left a country and church that I really loved to come back to the States.
  • I lost one of my children's passport before going through Border Control at the airport.
  • Whenever I watch "Biggest Loser". It gets me every time.

Ugly crying is good for the soul. All that pinned up raw emotion is let loose and suddenly I surrender to the fact that I  cannot "keep it together" ALL THE TIME.  I am undone. 

Friends who let friends ugly cry unashamedly,  are the best friends to have.

They are  the ones who hunt down the tissue box when the tears begin to pour. They let you snot all over their shoulder and borrow their compact mirror so you can count how many black lines of mascara streaks are on your face. They are the ones who put their hand out when  people get nosey and say, "She needs a minute." These friends hold you up as you fall into pieces. They listen closely and are able to interpret your words through snobs and snorts. They don't wince when you drop in a swear word or two. They don't questions your emotion or accuse you of overacting. They just let you do what you need to do and that is...

Ugly cry.

Our "ugly cry" friends are special because they get to see us at our most vulnerable moments. They get this privilege because we feel safe with them. We trust them. We know that they think the best of us even when they see us at our worst.  

Today I want to give a big shout to my "ugly cry" friends! You know who you are. Thanks for letting me lose it. Because of you, I am able to admit, "I don't have it together."  My soul is lighter and my heart is freer knowing I can fall apart in front you.

Who are your "ugly cry" friends? And when was the last time you had a good "ugly cry" session?

Your friend,