What is inside the weekly email from your friend, Noelle?

Here's the thing... I don't want to send you an email for the sake of sending you an email every week. I mean, I like you and all... but nobody loves their inbox getting all cluttered up with emails from someone that once virtually sent them something for free in exchange for their email. Am I right or am I right?

   What I want to do is actively encourage and enrich your spiritual journey with Jesus. So, hold onto your britches, ‘cause things are going to get practical, folks!  When you open an email from me you will get:

  1. A very short reminder of how Jesus really sees you and His desire to be in relationship with you. Think "micro devotional".

  2. spiritual discipline exercise or thought you can choose to practice throughout the week.

  3. A  biblical truth that you can you print up or make your phone's wallpaper for the week so that you can keep that  brain and heart of your's  in a state of hope.

  4. A link to the latest episode of  my upcoming  podcast devotional: Monday School: Discovering the Jesus You Didn't Learn About in Sunday School. This is a podcast show for anyone who wants to connect with the Jesus of their childhood without the baggage of religious perfectionism or the "Christianese culture" that had us all wearing WWJD bracelets in the late 90's. . Stay tuned... it's coming very soon. 

  5. An opportunity for you to send me your prayer request for the week because... I will actually pray for you.


Your weekly email from me will arrive:
@12:01AM EST