live a life of radical celebration




I am about discovering who Jesus really is and cultivating my life to reflect His.

I am about being the type of pastor who is not afraid to get her hands dirty while we dig deep into the Bible for answers to life’s messy questions.

I am about living New Jersey with my hilarious little family. It’s not coffee, people. It’s cawfee.

I am not about perfection (it bores me). I am not about being right on everything thing (I’ve been wrong about lots of stuff). I am not about scuba diving (because…sharks).

I am about you.

I want to be your friend as you pursue a journey to discover the wonderful and wild Jesus who empowers us to live our wonderful and wild purpose.

If you were here with me now, I’d pour you a big cup of cawfee and ask, “What are you most excited about?” I would also follow up that question with, Are you a Gilmore Girls or Parks and Recreation kind of woman?”because I want to know all your answers to life’s big questions! So, let’s hang out and be friends, okay?

Your friend,


Monday School

Discover the Jesus

You Never Learned

in Sunday School.

Coming soon!

Monday School is a new weekly podcast series that serves as a bible study for women who want to discover the wild and wonderful Jesus so they can uncover their wild and wonderful purpose.

These episodes will be grouped in series. Our next series is (drum roll, please):

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