Noelle Rhodes



Uncovering the Jesus you did not learn about in Sunday School.


Jesus loves awkward.

Looking to connect with the Jesus of your childhood without the baggage of religious perfectionism or the weird “Christianese” culture that gives you PTSD every time you see a WWJD bracelet? Look no further! You’ve got a friend in me.

I want to help you uncover the wild and wonderful Jesus who loves the hot messes, the skeptics, the no-gooders and the awkward folk in this world! With Him, there is a good life to be lived!


Hire me to speak and watch me bring the Bible to life with an unapologetic transparency and humor.


MONDAY SCHOOL is a weekly podcast devotional for those who want to connect with Jesus.


Guided resources to help you connect to your spiritual life with Jesus in a real way, in real time.


About Noelle

I grew up churched and then found Jesus in young adulthood. I decided to show Jesus my major appreciation by becoming a youth pastor where I awkwardly led teenagers for seven years. In 2010, my husband got the bright idea of moving the family to Northern Ireland where we worked with GO Kidz in Belfast and then with Cornerstone Church in Derry. I currently serve with the ministry Her Life Speaks and am church planting a neighborhood church in Jersey with my good-looking husband and two wildly awesome kids. My favorite thing to do is tell stories about my awkward life and Jesus’ wild and wonderful love for awkward, messy folk just like me.


Monday School

uncovering THE JESUS YOU never learned about in Sunday school.