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  This podcast show has evolved into a place where I tell you stories about my misadventures in trying to be a human who follows Jesus while trying to love the people in my life well. Ahem. Spoiler alert: I'm a clumsy hot mess.

 In fact, this podcast used to be called "Monday School" but I realized I am not really a "teacher". I am just an odd little storyteller willing to tell you stories of some of my mistakes in life...

I tell stories about...

  • How growing up "churched" created a really wonky religious paradigm for me where I saw Jesus more like "Uncle Jesus" than you know... Jesus Jesus.

  • How I have super struggled with serious anxiety and depression and tried to hide it because there were people that called me, "Pastor".

  • How when I was 34 years old, I had to learn the art of being a real friend and how I still get it wrong sometimes.

  • How raising a child with special needs and having a marriage that has been hard work has both humbled me and made a strong woman.

  • How I believe that joy is the stubborn belief that hope is always on the table and how I strive to be the "joy bomb" in the lives of those I love.

  • How I found out for myself that it is never too late make to make huge changes in my life through my journey of weight loss.

  • How every day I am embracing this wild love that Jesus has for awkward me. I am His odd little storyteller and I like that.

  This podcast is an invitation to you to learn from my mistakes. Please. Spare yourself the time, money, and heartache by hearing where I have went wrong and where I have made things right (or at least am trying to). If anything I hope I make you feel less alone and crazy along the way.