The Facts:

Somewhere in my 30's and despite of my name, I was not born around Christmas.

New Jersey (or what I affectionately call, 'Jerz').

Drink of Choice
Constant Comment Tea. Decaf. 

 I Want to Brunch With
Lesley Knope.

I'm Not Good When
My kids vomit. I gag. Always. 

I Make My Friends
Order for me when we are at a restaurant. I don't like having to narrow down my food choices. Too much pressure.

I Hang Out On

I Struggle With
Feeling like I am the lamest person in the room + third grade math.

I Cry Every Time
I watch, 'This is Us'. It's the perfect show to watching if you like to feel your feelings.


My Secret Superpower Is
Making fairly accurate predictions of the Oscar Winners.

When I Was 11
I wanted to be a professional mime.

I Most Embarrassed When
I remember that I wanted to be a professional mime.