Do you want to give your loved ones a meaningful Christmas but the thought of planning for a meaningful Christmas gives you an ulcer? 

Have no fear! You can have your first meaningful and stress-free Christmas THIS year!


Have your first meaningful and stress free Christmas.png

Each year I design a "Christmas plan" that I use to lead my family through meaningful, stress-free (aaaaaaand affordable) Christmas celebrations. THIS year, I am making this plan available to YOU!  The 2018 Christmas plan email course includes:

  • a theme to focus on throughout the season with coordinating activities 
  • a 12 day advent audio devotional that can you can listen to while you walk, drive, cook, etc.
  • a Christmas decorating master plan that coordinates with the theme
  • a list of simple but significant activities to do with the family of all ages
  • a master calendar for the 2018 Christmas Celebrations 
  • a master checklist of what needs to be bought and prepped
  • a set of guidelines to help you cultivate a meaningful but stress-free mindset
  • and weekly email prompts from ME  to keep you on task and in a holly jolly mood all through the season!

You get ALL of this for $19.


You get a meaningful and stress-free Christmas for less than $20!

(cue: shock and amazement)

I know, friend!  It's a freakin' Christmas miracle, right? what?


The plan will be available for purchase on *September 30, 2018*. You can take the first step of having a meaningful and stress-free Christmas by getting on the mailing list. This will give your access to the Christmas Plan FB Group and it will make YOU the first to know when the CHRISTMAS PLAN goes live. Sign up below:

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